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Biography Dj Noa DjNoa

DJ Noa is truely a musical know it al. He compose, produces his own songs and write lyrics for himself and other artists. Publish his music on the label called "De L,Lsle Records". He also made a name for himself as a DJ and radio presenter, he used to present and produce shows for Liemers-fm and later on for Factory Station.

In his early youth Dj Noa was in the grip of music, he started to make his own lyrics on his favourite songs and later on even started to change the melody of his favourite songs. By doing so the musical bug infected the young boy.

His love for music only became stronger during the 1990,s with the eurodance that was popular in Europe, he immediately fell in love with the tight bass line that was used at that time. The producers of 2 Unlimited, Jean Paul de Coster and Phil Wilde are rolemodels for DJ Noa. During the rise of Happy Hardcore DJ Noa started developing a intrest in dj-ing soon all his hard earned money was spent on records, al he did after school was practice his dj skills. Soon his practicing was noticed and he started playing at partys.

From 1996 onward DJ Noa won different dj contest and played on "De Megafestatie" a big event in the Netherlands to name just one gig out of a big number of partys and clubs he played. To play at as much partys and clubs as possible. DJ Noa started to play a wide range of genres like: Dutch Hardcore, Trance, Hard Trance, Drum n, Base, Hardstyle and his own developed T-Style, that he preform now a days at festifals and partys.

Today DJ Noa has accomplished a lot, he developed his own style even more. Has a nice number of singles, videos and the debut album "Mind, Body and Soul" as well as "Philantropical Mark" placed on his name.

DJ Noa.

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